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Little bit about Alpha

Guild: Alpha
Server: Antonidas
Raid times: Tues and Thurs 6:30 server till 10ish 
Loot Distribution: Loot Council made up of officers

Look - we know how most guilds recruit. They use the same buzzwords ("serious casual," "fun and friendly," "mature," etc.) and take most applicants (PM an officer in-game.) We are much different. If you type like an uneducated teenager, we won't accept your application. If you're the sort who only cares about the pixels, or doesn't ever say a word on vent or in green chat, we won't accept your application. Our vent interviews usually last an hour or so - with the majority of the interview asking questions of each other, telling jokes and making fun of the other officers. You see, we're looking for colorful additions to our family, people who make logging onto this game about more than just slaying internet dragons. 

We raid for 7-8 hours total a week, and take our raiding seriously. Mediocrity is not tolerated as efficiency is of high focus at all times. 

We joke and have a good time but we also can be quite relentless in our fun, so thick skin and the ability to take a verbal choke slam are highly required. Of course, if you have to adjust your drool cup to sign on everyday; save your time and money.

Your gear and experience are not really an issue as long as you are dedicated and loyal to our goal of slaying dragons. This guild is still very young and looking for more family members as we have no intention of going anywhere but up.

This is a drama free guild, that doesn't mean that if you are having life problems we wont be there for you, but if you seem to have the same reoccurring problems week after week then Alpha is probably not for you as we are a lay'd back guild that will be going far. 
Most guildies have end game experience and good skills to get us there again.

Contact Nathrezim in game on Antonidas with any questions or for interview. Ask for an officer if I am not on.

Current needs: 
       Healer prefer Pally 
       RDPS a Hunter
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Nathrëzim, Apr 13, 11 11:19 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Antonidas (PvE)
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